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Membership Tariff


Applicable to a person from 18 years old
Fee per year
One time joining fee
BD 500.000
BD 50.000
Applicable to a married couple with a maximum of 4 children. A charge of BD 50 is applicable for additional child. A child from 16 to 17 years old can remain on his/her parent's membership, and will be issued a junior card.
Fee per year
One time joining fee
Junior card holder use of Health Club (16 & 17 yrs old)
BD 600.000
BD 50.000
BD 100.000
Other Fees
Guest Fee – Adult
Children from 5 to 12 years old
Use of Health Club facilities (from 16 yrs old)
Jet Ski Rider
BD 10.000
BD 5.000
BD 5.000
BD 10.000
Note: Guests must be accompanied by members
Mooring Fee & Marina Services
*Subject to space availability
Wet Mooring
Dry Mooring
Boat Trailer Parking
Jet Ski Mooring
Jet Ski Trailer Parking
BD 105.000 per meter per year (minimum of 9 meters)
BD 65.000 per meter per year (minimum of 8 meters)
BD 300.000 per year
BD 270.000 per year
BD 100.000 per year
Marina Serives
Water Petrol
Petrol and Diesel fuel station
Ship-to-shore radio facility
Note: The Management reserves the right to change the above without prior notice.